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Serum Cream 0.3% Pro-Retinol 30ml

Serum Cream 0.3% Pro-Retinol 30ml

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2-in-1 cream serum with Pro-Retinol (retinol precursor) at 0.3%. Helps stimulate collagen synthesis and improve cell regeneration to smooth wrinkles, while moisturising, nourishing and comforting your face. In just one step your skin visibly younger.


What makes it special:

✓ Diminishes wrinkles and improves the appearance of fine lines.

✓ Stimulates collagen synthesis and cell renewal.

✓ Improves skin firmness and elasticity.

✓ Corrects all types of blemishes and marks.

✓ Improves skin texture and tone.



Pro-retinol is a less irritating retinol-derived ingredient with the same anti-wrinkle and skin-regenerating properties.

Retinol, in turn, is a potent form of vitamin A that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation while firming, brightening and plumping the skin.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble molecule essential to the human body that comes from beta-carotene and is involved in various metabolic processes. The term "vitamin A" covers a group of molecules all derived from retinal, called retinoids.

Treatment with vitamin A derivatives increases collagen synthesis and the number of fibroblasts in mature skin.



STEP 1 : Use in moderation until the skin tolerates it. First every 3 days and gradually decrease until you can use it every day. Once you have taken this into consideration, squeeze the applicator lightly to get a precise dose.
STEP 2 : Apply the serum-cream to a clean, dry face in the evening.
STEP 3 : Then spread it with a small massage until it is completely absorbed, avoiding the eye area. You can skip the use of your cream. It is important to use sunscreen in the next morning to minimise the risk of sun sensitivity.

Fast-absorbing serum-cream texture 30ml | All skin types | Night Use

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