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MultiVitamins Ampoules Serum

MultiVitamins Ampoules Serum

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Highly concentrated multi-benefit ampoules for healthy, soft, nourished and youthful skin for longer. 


What makes them special:

✓ A unique formula with 11 types of vitamins (A, B, C, E, F, H and PP), Carnosine and a Natural Tensor.

✓ Feel the benefits that each vitamin brings to your skin, an ultra-powerful combination that provides everything you need to keep your skin healthy, smooth, nourished and young.

✓  Highly antioxidants, daily use prevents aging, fights already visible signs and activates the cellular mechanisms of the skin so that it functions optimally.

✓ Pleasant light texture without perfume of rapid absorption.


2ml per ampoule | All skin types | Daily Use | Topical Use

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