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Anti-Dark Spots Ampoules Serum

Anti-Dark Spots Ampoules Serum

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Highly concentrated ampoules to combat blemishes and provide greater luminosity to the face.

 What makes them special:

✓ A unique formula with 8 active ingredients, recognized for their powerful anti-spot activity such as Vitamin C, the Niacidamide, the Azelaic Acid and the Fitic Acid and a new intelligent double encapsulation system that allows the active ingredients to be released in different layers of the epidermis and thus increase their effectiveness and results.

✓ They effectively combat blemishes, prevent their re-appearance and provide luminosity to the face.

✓ Spectacular milky texture, fragrance-free and quickly absorbed.


2ml per ampoule | All Skin Type | Daily Use | Topical Use

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