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Anti-Aging Reviving Elixir Serum 30ml

Anti-Aging Reviving Elixir Serum 30ml

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Highly concentrated serum formulated to act on the 3 main signs of aging: deep wrinkles, uneven tone and lack of luminosity.


What makes it special:

✓ A unique formula with Snow Algae PowderDaisy FlowerProbioticsSwertia ChirataRed Marine Algae and Carnosine.

✓ They effectively fight against the main signs of aging in mature skin: dark spots, lack of luminosity and deep wrinkles.

✓ Rich, fragrance-free texture that is quickly absorbed.


 SERUM 30ML| All skin types | Daily Use | Topical Use



  • PROBIOTIC COMPLEX : Boosts cell renewal and accelerates the recovery of the skin barrier for an anti-aging effect.
  • SWERTIAMARIN : It stimulates the regeneration of skin stem cells to increase the thickness of the epidermis and reduce the size of wrinkles, both horizontal and vertical.
  • L-CARNOSINE : Biomimetic peptide that protects the skin's collagen to prevent loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • RED ALGAE : They give an immediate tensor effect to the face, providing a lifting effect.
  • SNOW POWDER ALGAE : Tones and decongests the eye contour, preventing the formation of bags.
  • DAISY EXTRACT : Reduces the appearance of dark spots for even, radiant skin.


  • STEP 1 : After cleansing your skin, apply 2-5 drops of the serum to your hands.
  • STEP 2 : Spread and press on the skin until completely absorbed, avoiding the eye area.
  • STEP 3 : Next, apply your usual moisturizer and leave it on overnight.
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